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Itinera Consulting is a consultancy agency with headquarters in several countries, specialized in following the internationalization processes of Italian companies. Our mission is to act as guides for the export of “Made in Italy” in the world, with the aim of reaching the most important emerging markets thanks to our high level of expertise and an extensive specialized network, built during many years of experience.


Itinera Consulting is a reliable and experienced partner that supports businesses in the realization of their export projects, via both traditional and digital channels. Our international offices are present in strategic markets, and thus efficiently support the commercial operations of our clients, and identify concrete solutions to their problems, on both a strategic and a tactical level. In fact, when entering a foreign market, it is vital to have a local “guide” that is immersed in that country’s reality, albeit still coordinated by an Italian team with great experience in “Made in Italy”.


Itinera Consulting is established in the most important emerging markets thanks to its capillary international headquarters, thus offering clients a strong strategy, implemented by practical sense and distinct efficiency. It’s the case of exporters who seek to find the correct commercial channels for their products.

Digital Export

In the digital era, Italian companies have the chance of nearing foreign markets, thanks to e-commerce and all other online activities, in a simpler and more affordable way. Often, the digital route is the most ideal to begin to operate where accessibility to traditional sales channels is too expensive and complex.

Financing to Export

Today, the process of internationalizing “Made in Italy” businesses is among the most interesting topics among our institutions. The Mise (Ministry for Economic Development) and other, specific institutes have scheduled a set of financing operations in favour of SMEs that want to explore foreign markets.

Training to Export

Itinera Consulting has a division that operates in the field of training companies for export; a service destined to businesses, as well as training and development agencies, which allows for the organization of events aimed at acquiring new skills, in both the public and private sectors.


Thanks to our background we are skilled on the Italian system
our Italian head offices are steady and strategic points for our clients from all over the world
we want to help our foreign customers in doing business in Italy


What we are today is the result of our past. Our goal is to share with you some of the most significant case histories we have worked on in the past. This will allow you to better understand our approach towards situations that you may present to us. For Privacy reasons, however, we cannot reveal the names of our clients, although we can share with you what we did for them.

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