Webinar: Together we will overcome! Effective management strategies during and post COVID-19

Riccardo Paterni has presented in a relevant webinar (more than 1500 people following and interacting live on Youtube and 900 on Facebook ) of the series organised by Cifa Italia, a federation to share data, information and knowledge via the web production “Il lavoro continua” ( works endures ) during and post the pandemia.

Together with Chiara Meret ( Researcher Organizational Topics and Labor Relations – La Sapienza University Rome) and Lorenzo Baldassarri ( Functional Psychologist and Therapist ), Riccardo has focused on key topics of organisational identity, involvement and commitment in order to consistently generate the creative and innovative lasting effective solutions needed in this time of marked global complexity and change.
This is the first webinar of a new series by the above mentioned production that has been organised in order to stimulate lasting change for the survival and growth of Italian Small and Mid Size Entrerprises that form the backbone of the national economy.

Click here to watch the full webinar (available only in Italian)

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