Organizational Identity, Business Scenarios and Strategies: the Foundations for the Restart

On June 3rd 2020, Riccardo Paterni moderated and presented topics in a webinar of the series “Work Endures” (the webinar has had over 1600 live views) together with Rodi Basso (Expert in Strategy and Business Development, utilising his experience in relevant technical and managerial roles in Formula 1 and other motorsport series), Professor Paolo Aversa (Strategy Professor and Director of the Full Time MBA at Cass Business School – University of London) and Andrea Cafà, President of Cifa Italia and Fonarcom (organisations contributing to create, produce and promote the series of webinars).

Riccardo pointed out the key elements that form the organizational identity and that every organization requires in order to clarify a key stable reference point to face current and future turbulent changes: vision, mission and values.

Rodi Basso pointed out how different business scenarios can be effectively identified and adressed by utilising approaches from the dynamic motorsport field.

Professor Paolo Aversa illustrated how strategies can be formulated through the effective identification of opportunities, which can be generated or utilised readily.

Andrea Cafà summed it all up by stating how these views and tools of action, together with the ones featured in other webinars pointing out relevant legislative and macro economics changes, can offer substantial opportunities for any kind of company to set a path not only of survival but also of growth in Italy.

Documentation relevant to the topics debated (in Italian) can be downloaded at the webinar archives section of . The webinar (in Italian) has been recorded and can be watched here.

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