Webinar: Skills development and strengthening psychology

On July 1st Riccardo Paterni moderated a webinar of the series #illavorocontinua on the topic “Development of skills with the psychology of empowerment”. The webinar stimulated the integration of various perspectives on training and skills made increasingly relevant by the context of change generated by the pandemic.

Andrea Cafà (President of CIFA Italy and FonARCom) introduced and collected the topics of the debate. Angela amico (Director of IterEgo Training Agency) highlighted key concepts of current training dynamics with a presentation entitled “Training for skills and competences for training”. Lorenzo Baldassarri described how the method of empowerment psychology is useful for the continuous enhancement of acquired competences. Rino Piroscia (Chairman of Confsalform) focused his speech on the effectiveness and motivation of competence training. Chiara Meret (Researcher at InContra) illustrated various methodologies that give structure and effectiveness to training and human capital development projects.

The debate stimulated the emergence of a project that will be highlighted in the context of #illavorocontinua .

Click here to watch the webinar.

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