Itinera Consulting at Ravello Lab 2020

    Cinzia Perugini represented Itinera Consulting at RavelloLab 2020. Ravello Lab is an annual event, in its 15th edition, where the world of culture, politics and Finance meet. Culture is the sector that can make Italy reborn in the post-pandemic and in this context the tools that we company consultants can propose and disseminate are
    benefit corporations or profit companies that integrate social purpose alongside profit, cultural bonds and patient finance in their statute in support of cultural enterprises.
    The signing of the Faro Convention opens the way for a central and dynamic vision of Culture also in the world of traditional business

    Webinar: Skills development and strengthening psychology

      On July 1st Riccardo Paterni moderated a webinar of the series #illavorocontinua on the topic “Development of skills with the psychology of empowerment”. The webinar stimulated the integration of various perspectives on training and skills made increasingly relevant by the context of change generated by the pandemic.

      Andrea Cafà (President of CIFA Italy and FonARCom) introduced and collected the topics of the debate. Angela amico (Director of IterEgo Training Agency) highlighted key concepts of current training dynamics with a presentation entitled “Training for skills and competences for training”. Lorenzo Baldassarri described how the method of empowerment psychology is useful for the continuous enhancement of acquired competences. Rino Piroscia (Chairman of Confsalform) focused his speech on the effectiveness and motivation of competence training. Chiara Meret (Researcher at InContra) illustrated various methodologies that give structure and effectiveness to training and human capital development projects.

      The debate stimulated the emergence of a project that will be highlighted in the context of #illavorocontinua .

      Click here to watch the webinar.

      Innovative Tools to Manage and Develop Small and Medium Size Enterprises

        On June 17th 2020 the series of webinars #illavorocontinua (work endures) (organised by Cifa Italia and Fonarcom) featured a program on the topic “Innovative tools to manage and develop Small and Medium sized Enterprises”. The webinar was moderated by Riccardo Paterni and featured Andrea Cafà (President of CifaItalia and Fonarcom), Pierpaolo Vannucci, (CPA and expert on Innovative SMEs and start-up) presenting “Startup and Innovative SMEs: work for capital, Patent box and other tools” and Leonardo Frigiolini (Economist and expert in crowdfunding and financial sources) presenting “Complementary financial sources for SMEs to the banking ones”.

        The webinar generated a marked interest: several hundred people participated and interacted in both live sessions (for the first time, also in live streaming on Linkedin besides the live streaming on Facebook and YouTube) and afterwards watched the recorded one hour program also available on YouTube at the link below.

        President Cafà pointed out how the information and tools presented during the webinar, in order to sustain financially the ideas and practices featured in previous events of the series (all available on #illavorocontinua along with the relevant documentation), show the marked commitment of #illavorocontinua to concretely support the survival and growth of small and mid sized organisations within the context of change brought by the pandemia.

        Click here to watch the webinar on Youtube

        Organizational Identity, Business Scenarios and Strategies: the Foundations for the Restart

          On June 3rd 2020, Riccardo Paterni moderated and presented topics in a webinar of the series “Work Endures” (the webinar has had over 1600 live views) together with Rodi Basso (Expert in Strategy and Business Development, utilising his experience in relevant technical and managerial roles in Formula 1 and other motorsport series), Professor Paolo Aversa (Strategy Professor and Director of the Full Time MBA at Cass Business School – University of London) and Andrea Cafà, President of Cifa Italia and Fonarcom (organisations contributing to create, produce and promote the series of webinars).

          Riccardo pointed out the key elements that form the organizational identity and that every organization requires in order to clarify a key stable reference point to face current and future turbulent changes: vision, mission and values.

          Rodi Basso pointed out how different business scenarios can be effectively identified and adressed by utilising approaches from the dynamic motorsport field.

          Professor Paolo Aversa illustrated how strategies can be formulated through the effective identification of opportunities, which can be generated or utilised readily.

          Andrea Cafà summed it all up by stating how these views and tools of action, together with the ones featured in other webinars pointing out relevant legislative and macro economics changes, can offer substantial opportunities for any kind of company to set a path not only of survival but also of growth in Italy.

          Documentation relevant to the topics debated (in Italian) can be downloaded at the webinar archives section of . The webinar (in Italian) has been recorded and can be watched here.

          Ebook: The 10 actions for the restart and development of SMEs 1-20

            (The content of the e-book is available only in Italian)

            Our partner Dr. Pierpaolo Vannucci has published an ebook dedicated to the business relaunch of Italian SMEs. In particular, the 10 actions for the relaunch and development of companies with turnover between 1 and 20 million or for very innovative activities. This guide is a collection of the main actions to be applied in the company, explained in a simple and effective way.

            Click here to read more details about the content of the free ebook

            Webinar: Together we will overcome! Effective management strategies during and post COVID-19

              Riccardo Paterni has presented in a relevant webinar (more than 1500 people following and interacting live on Youtube and 900 on Facebook ) of the series organised by Cifa Italia, a federation to share data, information and knowledge via the web production “Il lavoro continua” ( works endures ) during and post the pandemia.

              Together with Chiara Meret ( Researcher Organizational Topics and Labor Relations – La Sapienza University Rome) and Lorenzo Baldassarri ( Functional Psychologist and Therapist ), Riccardo has focused on key topics of organisational identity, involvement and commitment in order to consistently generate the creative and innovative lasting effective solutions needed in this time of marked global complexity and change.
              This is the first webinar of a new series by the above mentioned production that has been organised in order to stimulate lasting change for the survival and growth of Italian Small and Mid Size Entrerprises that form the backbone of the national economy.

              Click here to watch the full webinar (available only in Italian)

              Telematic seminar: The Tools for Business Growth

                (Content only available in Italian)

                Our parnter Dr. Pierpaolo Vannucci participated as a speaker in the telematic seminar coordinated by Prof. Fabrizio Rossi and Prof. Maurizio Masi of the University of Tuscia in Viterbo – DEIM Department. The topic was focused on the available tools for business growth in Italy. In particular, the 10 actions for the relaunch and business development of SMEs 1-20.

                We invite you to read the programme in detail here.

                Coronavirus uncertainty: the big ‘unlock’ for our economies

                  To safeguard lives and livelihoods, we must restore confidence.
                  Governments’ actions in recent months have shown that we can curb the spread of the virus, spread critical assistance quickly and increase the availability of testing. Unfortunately, we have also confirmed that the lockdowns are causing serious economic shocks. The article by McKinsey & Co presents some scenarios for the future.

                  Read here the full article.

                  How COVID-19 consumer spending is impacting industries

                    Consumer spending is one of the most important driving forces for global economic growth. In addition to affecting some of the factors driving consumer spending, the COVID-19 pandemic has also dramatically changed the way and where consumers choose to spend their money. Visual Capitalist’s article explains how some sectors are in a better position to resist while others may struggle to survive.

                    Read the full article here.